Ejector Pump Installation, Dallas, GA

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Protect your home from sewage contamination by installing an ejector pump in your basement.

If you are having problems with frequent flooding or clogged sewage in your home, you should consider an ejector pump installation. If your home has a basement bathroom or laundry room, an ejector pump is even more important. An ejector pump can protect your home from possible contamination from sewage and harmful chemicals by collecting water and sewage from your drains. Your ejector pump will be connected to a storm drain or a dispersal device so that the contaminated water can be diverted away from your home. The heavy-duty pump powerfully removes sewage from your home and can reduce the risk of these dangerous problems.

Ejector Pump Installation in Dallas, Georgia

  • Clogged Pipes. An ejector pump installation will prevent waste from clogging pipes. It can save your home from the troubles that clogged pipes can cause like overflowing drains, burst pipes, sewage water in your sinks, and flooding issues in your basement. Preventing these problems will always be more cost effective and safer than addressing the disaster after a problem does occur.
  • Health Concerns. Sewage issues can spread contagious diseases and make you and your family very sick. If your home does have issues with clogged sewage, strong smells of sewer gas can harm you and your family.
  • Pest Problems. The smell of sewage and the flooding issues can attract unwanted pests to your home. By keeping your plumbing free from clogs and diverting water away from your home, you can reduce the risk of having problems with insect and animal infestations.

If you are interested in ejector pump installation, give us a call at Troy and Sons Plumbing. Our team can answer your questions and set up an appointment to protect your Dallas, Georgia home with an ejector pump installation.

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