Faucet Installation, Dallas, GA

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A faucet is an essential component of every sink, tub, and shower in your home, as it’s the part that allows water to flow through from the pipes. When you turn on a faucet, water should move through at the proper temperature. However, a damaged faucet may leak or not allow any water to come through at all. You could also have a faucet that no longer works, requiring replacement. This is a project that’s best left in the hands of a skilled plumber, as even a minor mistake could result in leaks and water damage. Here in Dallas, Georgia and the surrounding area, you can rely on the team at Troy and Sons Plumbing to perform professional faucet installation.

Faucet Installation in Dallas, Georgia

Before we install a faucet, we’ll discuss your needs and assess the condition of your sink, shower, or tub where we’ll be performing the installation process. You can choose from a range of faucet styles and materials to complement the look and feel of the space. We carry faucets from leading brands in the industry that will look great in your home while performing well. You can even get modern faucets that are touchless or have other unique features.

Our technicians have more than five decades of combined experience in the plumbing industry, so your sinks and tubs are in good hands when we tackle faucet installation in your home. We take pride in doing every job properly and providing excellent communication throughout the entire process. If you need faucet installation, contact us today.

Faucet Installation in Acworth, GA