Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Your Plumbing

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You rely on your home’s plumbing system every day. Because of this, when something goes wrong with a pipe, sink, toilet, or shower, it can upend your entire day.

Easy Ways to Take Better Care of Your Plumbing

At Troy and Sons Plumbing, we want to help you avoid major plumbing problems in your home. So, here are some easy ways to start taking better care of your home’s plumbing today:

  • If you don’t already, use drain covers in your sink and bathroom. These will keep hair, soap scum, and other gunk out of your drains, so they can continue to run without problem.
  • Whatever you do, don’t pour grease and cooking oil down your kitchen sink. Get rid of these liquids in a separate container to keep it from hardening in your drains and causing clogs.
  • After you wash your dishes, run hot water down your kitchen sink drain for a minute or so. This will flush down any leftover grease or buildup that could be building up in the drain.
  • Even though they’re marketed to take care of clogs, chemical drain cleaners can actually do more harm than good for your home’s plumbing. Avoid these cleaners if you have a clog and ask us for our help instead.
  • Your toilet isn’t a trashcan, so don’t treat it this way. Only let toilet paper and human waste get flushed down your toilet.

Do you need help taking better care of your home’s plumbing? We’re always happy to help, so contact us today.