How to Take Care of Your Sewer Lines

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Your home’s sewer lines are a major part of your overall plumbing system. When they experience any sort of damage or other problem, the whole plumbing system can suffer. Professional maintenance and basic tips for taking care of your sewer lines can help make sure your plumbing system is functioning its best for as long as possible.

How to Take Care of Your Sewer Lines

No one knows sewer lines as well as the professional plumbers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple things you can do to help take care of your plumbing system. For example, being mindful of what goes down your pipes and plumbing fixtures is a small thing you can do that will benefit your sewer lines. Never put anything down your toilet unless it is waste or toilet paper—you should even skip the baby wipes that claim to be flushable. In the kitchen, make sure grease is disposed of properly and doesn’t go down your garbage disposal.

Paying attention to the tree roots in your yard is another good idea for sewer line maintenance. When unchecked, tree roots can interfere with and damage your sewer lines, so any time you’re doing lawncare maintenance, make sure to pay attention to how your tree roots are growing and contact an arborist if you have concerns.

Of course, working with our plumbers at Troy and Sons Plumbing is one of your best bets for taking care of your sewer lines. We can take a look at your sewer lines and perform repair jobs as needed, so contact us today for your sewer line needs.