4 Signs You Should Schedule a Drain Cleaning

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When you run water for doing the dishes, washing your hands, or taking a shower, you expect the water to go smoothly down the drain without any issues. Having it happen any other way can be quite the nuisance, but a proper drain cleaning can help prevent and solve any potential drain issues. Here are four signs you need to schedule a drain cleaning, so you can stop the issue in its tracks:

  1. Slow drains: If your drains are working slowly throughout the home, you might have a situation that calls for more than a simple plunger or drain cleaner you can get from the store. You’ll need to schedule a drain cleaning, so we can fully inspect the issue and fix it for you.

4 Signs You Should Schedule a Drain Cleaning

  1. Standing water: If you have gotten to the point where you have standing water in the dishwasher, sink, or tub, it’s a good sign that you need to get your drain cleaned. While some clogs can be resolved on your own, they can often take a little more than pulling out the hair in a shower drain. A professional drain cleaning can take care of the standing water issue without any guessing games.
  2. Foul odors:  If you have foul odors coming from your drains or while running water, you likely have something stuck in your drains or pipes. If the smell is persistent even after trying your own methods, it’s time for a professional drain cleaning.
  3. Frequent clogs: If you just barely unclogged your drain last week and are already unclogging it again, you should schedule a drain cleaning to have your drains and pipes checked out. There could be a more complicated issue than an everyday clog.

No matter the situation, you should never hesitate to schedule a drain cleaning if you have an issue with your drains. Just give us a call at Troy and Sons Plumbing today.